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ROMA paper at DASIP 2010

Par Emmanuel CasseauDernière modification 30/10/2010 16:05

Conference on Design & Architectures for Signal and Image Processing, DASIP’10 , October 26th-28th, 2010 Edinburgh, Scotland

E. Raffin, C. Wolinski, F. Charot, K. Kuchcinski, S. Guyetant, S. Chevobbe, E. Casseau

"Scheduling, Binding and Routing System for a Run-Tim Reconfigurble Operator Based Multimedia Architecture”


This paper presents a system for application scheduling, binding and routing for a run-time reconfigurable operator based multimedia architecture (ROMA). We use constraint programming to formalize our architecture model together with a specific application program. For this purpose we use an abstract representation of our architecture, which models memories, reconfigurable operator cells and communication networks. We also model network topology. The use of constraints programming makes it possible to model the application scheduling, binding and routing as well as architectural and temporal constraints in a single model and solve it simultaneously. We have used several multimedia applications from the Mediabench set to evaluate our system. In 78% of cases, our system provides results that are proved optimal.

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